It’s her birthday and you want to something special for her. Or maybe it’s your anniversary and you are looking for unique gifts for her. You’ve thought of flowers, some jewelry trinkets or maybe taking her out for some shopping. But then, this time you think of how you can make it more special…maybe something personalized? Because flowers will fade, jewelry will go out of fashion and clothes will become out of date. You also consider some cushions, mugs or even paintings of her/your pictures but then decide against it. Good choice! It’s really cheese, ain’t it?

Confused about the perfect gifts for girls? Well, don’t be. We are here – the ultimate gift consultants! We’ll give you 21 unique ideas for the perfect gift for your girlfriend and she’ll love it –we guarantee!

#1 For the One Who Loves Makeup (well who doesn’t)

She knows her Ruby Woo from Meher (top selling MAC lipsticks – thanks to the female colleagues who filled us in) and know when and how to curl her lashes. She has oodles of lipsticks and nail polish in every shade – the perfect gift for a makeup lover? The beauty series mug!


With a nail polish as handle, this 3D mug is bound to make her happy! She can use it as her favorite mug for tea/coffee every day or use it organize her makeup brushes and other cool stuff. But however she uses it, she’ll love it for sure!

#2 For the One is a Superhero Fan

She has watched all superhero flicks and loves to quote Batman, Superman or Deadpool. She had a strong opinion about Superman Vs Batman and enjoys debating about this too! Well, we got so many superhero gifts for her!


From 3D Superhero mugs to cute superhero socks, these are the perfect gifts for your girlfriend if she is a superhero fan! Whether she loves Deadpool or is crazy for Batman, we got something that she will love infinitely!

#3 For the one who is a foodie!

“Calories? What calories? You Live Only Once” – is her favorite answer when you look at her while she swiftly grabs the last donut from the box. Death by Cholates? Naah, she’s alive for chocolate! This is a girl who knows how to enjoy her donuts and pizzas! And for someone like this – we’ve got the perfect gift which’ll make them happier than the food itself!


The donut cushion is one such gift! Available in chocolate, sprinkles and strawberry, she’ll love to cuddle with it or decorate her room with it!

#4 For the one who loves to drive or loves her Car

She is always up for long drives and loves her car and never flinches when it comes to driving. With the ever increasing traffic, you can make her journeys instantly happier and less stress free! How? By gifting her these super cute bobbleheads!


Even when the traffic is frustrating and she’s driving bumper to bumper, she’ll have a smile on her face because of these bobbleheads!

#5 For the One Who Loves Stationery

She loves her desk organizers and has a notepad tucked in her hand all the time. Best of stationery and that too quirky.


For a stationery addict like this, we’ve got some really unique stationery goodies! Notepads, pens and some cool stationery organizers – especially the Groot stationery organizer.

#6 For the one who believes in magic and loves unicorns!

This one believes in magic, rainbows, sparkle and of course, unicorns. She spreads cheer wherever she goes and is someone who loves unicorns. And to make this unicorn fan happy, we have the perfect gifts!


These unicorn mugs are 3D and colorful to add cheer to her morning coffee of as a decorative piece on her desk/kitchen/room. You have to get at least one of these for her!

#7 For the one who wants to travel the world

She follows her favorite destination’s hashtags on Instagram and is a wanderer by heart. Her soul is that of a traveler, who yearns to see each and every city/hills/beach the world has to offer. For a girl bitten by wanderlust, here’s the perfect gift: Travel Scratch Map! This map is a scratch map wherein she can scratch the countries she’s been to.


This map will act as her own #travelgram and will surely give her travel goals. What’s more – if you are looking for gifts for anniversary, this might just give you both couple goals for vacays!

#8 For the one who loves to get clicked or is a photographer or Instagram lover

Do you double up as a photographer for your girl to take hundreds of shots so that she can get that one perfect shot? Or is she a photographer herself and prefers to be behind the camera? Or is she just addicted to Instagram (like all of us)? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you’ve got the perfect gift for your girlfriend which she is going to love you for! And that’s the Instagram Camera Mug!


It’s a beauty surely and your girlfriend is surely going to love drinking her coffee/tea from it!

#9 For the one who is a sleepy head

This one can sleep anywhere – or she simply sleeps too much! We know you call her “Kumbhkaran” fondly and love how peaceful she looks while she sleeps. Gifts for a sleepy head are hard to find but plenty when it comes to us! Unique sleep eye masks like the one below – suited to her personality is one idea. Another is this cute ostrich pillow which can help her sleep anywhere!


Another cool gift idea is the hand nap pillow. All she has to do is to Wear it as an elbow pad, a forearm guard or a boxing glove and will surely make sure she has a comfortable rest and sleep!

#10 For the One who is a frequent traveler

It’s her work which has her travelling frequently. Airports are like her second home and boy, she loves to fly, literally. Life for frequent travelers can be tough and tiring with all that packing and unpacking! But you can make sure it’s not like that for  your girlfriend. How so? By gifting her travel organizers! We’ve got travel essentials for all shapes and sizes – packing cubes, cosmetics organizers and even one for all her electronics and gadgets.


Make her life easier and gift her some cool travel essentials!

#11 For the one who is insanely cool!

She is awesome and cool and you just want to remind her of that. Take our thug life glasses and see her fall in them with love instantly!



#12 For the one who is a Fashionista or simply loves Sunglasses

Summer are here, and she has a shade for everyday! Aviators, vintage and wayfarer – she loves ‘em all. She is super stylish and everyone wants to follow her dressing sense. Sunglasses for this is the perfect gift then!


Choose from cat eyed, reflectors and vintage sunglasses and complement her great fashion sense!

#13 For the Boss Lady

Ambitious and career oriented, this one has her hope high. She knows what she wants to do and knows how to reach there too! Perfect gift for this boss lady? Our high heels high hopes mug.


This wil surely keep our queen bee inspired to rule

#14 For the love of Panda

She loves the black and white furry animals and loves to collect anything panda! Let’s give you some awesome gift ideas for panda lovers and cute panda gifts for her! These Panda mugs are perfect for tea/coffee or as decorative items – something she is going to keep close to her always!


There you go, here’s our ultimate gift for unique gifts for girls. Best gifts for girls, birthday gifts for girls and all kinds of gifts  - we’ve got the perfect list! Search for our entire list of gifts for her and give unique gifts.

Did we miss your girlfriend? Want some advice for the perfect gift for her? Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you in a flash!