Boyfriends are really hard to shop for! Or even your husband for that matter. Wait, it's difficult to shop for men! But don't fret, we've got the Ultimate Gift Guide for Men - no matter what 'type' your boyfriend/husband/brother/dad falls in, we've got quirky gifts that will make them go wow and make you look awesome! Here's the perfect gift for all kinds of boyfriends!

#1 For the one who is a gamer or PUBG Fan: Regardless of age, everyone’s playing PUBG and everyone’s hooked onto it. Even if not PUBG, games like Temple run, Subway Surfer and Angry Birds have their own loyal base. If he likes to play these games on his mobile or even if he has a Play station, you can gift him the Video Game Controller Mug. It’s unique and he’ll definitely love it if he’s a gamer!


It has handles in the shape of a video game controller and that is what makes it awesome! A gamer can leave a game, but now the game will never leave the gamer!

#2 For the one who wants to travel the world
: #vacay, #vacaygoals and #trippin are all Instagram hashtags followed by a generation which just wants to travel the world. They have a wanderer’s soul - or say they say. If he wants to travel the world far and wide, gift him something that continually inspires him to travel and the Travel Scratch Map is one just gift. All he needs to do is put it up on his wall and keep scratching countries he’s been to. It’ll be something he can show off to his friends - the gift as well as his #travelgram!


If you are looking for anniversary or valentine gift for your boyfriend or husband, this is the perfect gifts as you can set some really cool couple travel goals with it! Scratch off new destinations and show it off to the world!

#3 For the one who is a superhero fan: Be it Batman, Superman or Hulk, all superheros have their own loyal fan base. Superhero gifts are quirky and will surely be his favorite. Choose from Superhero mugs, earphones and other stuff! Gift him a combo set of his favorite superhero - mug, socks, earphones and organizers!


That’ll be an entire superhero collection he is surely going to find useful! In fact, you can match the personality of your boyfriend/husband/brother/dad with the superheroes - Hulk if he is hot headed, Captain America if he’s the wise one, Deadpool if he’s witty and humorous or even Spider man if you want to remind him of “With great freedom comes great responsibility.” 

#4 For the one who is messy: Help him organize his desk while gifting something that’s really cool! Desk organizers, pen stands and stationery holder make the best gift for a boyfriend who is mesy and gifting orgnizers might be a subtle way to tell him he's really mess :P


Groot stationery holder or even the stationery organizer might be a good one.

#5 For the one who is a reader: Reading is a habit which ensures continuous learning. If your husband/boyfriend loves reading, gift him some really cool books of his favorite genre. Try Jeffrey Archer if he loves to reach thrillers, "What Colour Is Your Parachute" for the ones who love to introspect!

#6 For the one who’s into body building or just wants to stay fit: Boyfriend or Husband gaining the pounds? Maybe you want to motivate him towards fitness or just simply exercise. If that’s the case, we've got the perfect gift for the lazy boyfriend or even a boyfriend who is totally into gyming. Give him the Dumbbell Water Bottle - it has a capacity of 2.2 Liter which is the daily water one should drink!

Everytime you pick it up, your arms and shoulder muscles are being used and hence, lose calories while staying hydrated.

#7 For The Sleepy Head: This one can sleep anywhere – or he simply sleeps too much! We know you call him“Kumbhkaran” fondly and love how peaceful he looks while he sleeps. Gifts for a sleepy head are hard to find but plenty when it comes to us! Unique sleep eye masks like the one below – suited to his personality is one idea. Another is this cute ostrich pillow which can help him sleep anywhere!


Another cool gift idea is the hand nap pillow. All he has to do is to wear it as an elbow pad, a forearm guard or a boxing glove and will surely make sure he has a comfortable rest and sleep!

#8 For the Donut Lover:

This one here loves donuts - chocolate, sprinkled, choco fudge and what not! The best way to make up with him after a fight is to gift him some donuts. And for someone like this – we’ve got the perfect gift which’ll make them happier than the food itself! The jumbo Donut Mug!


It's 3D and would be totally eatable if not for the handle! This mug is a dream come true for any donut lover!

#9 For the one who loves to drive or loves his Car

He is always up for long drives and loves his car and never flinches when it comes to driving. With the ever increasing traffic, you can make his journeys instantly happier and less stress free! How? By gifting him these super cute bobbleheads!


Even when the traffic is frustrating and he’s driving bumper to bumper, he’ll have a smile on her face because of these bobbleheads!

#10 For the One who is a frequent traveler

It’s his work which has him travelling frequently. Airports are like his second home and boy, he loves to fly, literally. Life for frequent travelers can be tough and tiring with all that packing and unpacking! But you can make sure it’s not like that for your boyfriend/husband. How so? By gifting his travel organizers! We’ve got travel essentials for all shapes and sizes – packing cubes, toiletries organizers and even one for all his electronics and gadgets.


Make his life easier and gift her some cool travel essentials!

#11 For the one who is insanely cool!

He is awesome and cool and you just want to remind him of that. Choose  "The Cool Combo" and gift him this awesome combo of thug life glasses and Cool Emoji Mug!


There you go, here’s our ultimate gift for unique gifts for boyfriend/husband and all men in your life!. Best gifts for guys, birthday gifts for boyfriend and all kinds of gifts  - we’ve got the perfect list! Search for our entire list of gifts for him and give unique gifts.

Did we miss your guy? Want some advice for the perfect gift for him? Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you in a flash!