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…said the happy cat as it rolled the dead pigeon near its hooman’s feet. Needless to say, the ‘hooman’ shrieked in anger, cursing the cat for bringing a dead pigeon in the house. The poor cat couldn’t understand what it did wrong, it just got the hooman a gift - something that the cat likes!

And that’s where most of us fault. We fail to think about the person receiving the gift and gift according to our convenience. “Wine shop is on the way - we’ll take a bottle of expensive wine” or “ Let’s just give a gift card-it’s convenient!” and whoosh goes the gift in receiver's email.

That’s where Awestuffs comes in. We make sure you don’t succumb to boring gifts and think about the receiver before choosing a gift - what kind of a person is he/she? Do they like to travel? Is he/she a foodie? Is he hot headed like Hulk? Or does she have a killer sarcasm sense like Deadpool? As you answer these questions, you’ll find curated and unique gifts for everyone you know – and something they’d love too!

Before we tell you more, let’s tell you more about how we started!

Well, it was the next day after our wedding and we were sorting through our wedding presents. We opened another gift –it was a wine bottle and kept it with the other six wine bottles. Along with some 25 flower bouquets, 17 online shopping gift cards and a few other gifts that we got.

Looking at that pile, we realized that gifting is very un-personalized. A gift should bring a big smile on the receiver’s face – it should make them happy! We should think about the person receiving the gift – is he a traveler? A cook? Someone who loves makeup? Or someone who is a big foodie! And since everyone is different from everyone else, why should the same wine bottle be gifted to everyone?

And hence we decided to make gifting personal - To make gifting about the person receiving it. Hi/hers likes, dislikes and what would make them happy! And thus, we set out on a quest to find the perfect gifts!

After ages of curating awesome stuff from around the world, we’ve handpicked the best gifts anyone could find for anyone!

Easily sorted by type of person and price range, awestuffs.com offers high quality products across categories – home decor, lifestyle, mug, organizers and the cool stuff!

Go on, find the perfect gift for everyone – including yourself!

Reach out to us if you have brilliant gifting ideas, or would like us to help you find cool gifts.

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Happy Gifting :)